An iPhone is a boon in the form of a gadget already. But they can be more useful and simple to use if you get acquainted with these tips.

Take a Video And a Photo Simultaneously

iPhones are reviewed to have the best smartphone camera. To make the best use of this you might be often capturing videos and taking photos from various life instances. But what you’ve missed on is that you can take a picture while filming a video as well.You can do this by simply pressing the camera button on the screen along with the shutter button just while you’re filming.

Jumping to The Previous Window

iOS users are well aware that there is no dedicated “back” button in an iPhone unlike its android contemporaries. But there is a similar feature which is rarely made use of. If you swipe right from the edge of the screen you will directly go back to the previous window. This feature is mostly restricted to inbuilt apps like messages, mail and safari.

Pull Up The Unread Mails

We often tend to lose patience by trying to sort our mailbox. This lesser known feature of iPhone will sort your mail starting with the unread ones. All you have to do is tap the circular icon at the bottom left on the screen. The icon will turn completely blue and display the message “filtered by: unread”

To Delete Only The Last Digit From The Calculator

You might be using the clear option to delete numbers from the calculator even if you wanted to just erase the last digit. You can just swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers. This will delete just the last digit you have entered.

Taking Snapshot With Your Headphone

Are you not able to take photos because of your shaky hands? Do you want to take pictures while your ear phone is on? Tick the checkbox for this. You can do this by simply clicking the volume up or down button of your ear phone. You can take great pictures by using this simple trick.

The Raise to Wake Feature

This is reviewed as one of the best features of iOS10 and later versions. By enabling this your phone will automatically display the lock screen as you take it on your hand. But if you want your lock screen to spring up manually you can do so by turning off the raise to wake features in the settings.

Take a Look at Your Cloud Storage

You might be using the cloud storage option for sometime now. You can now check how much storage is available on your iCloud. Go to settings and tap on the account ID at the top of the screen. By selecting icloud here you will get a view of the storage stats.

Undo Typing Option

This feature is in the message application. If you want to delete the typed message, just shake your iPhone and tap on the undo typing option. To retrieve the deleted message shake your iPhone again and tap on the redo typing option.

Hope these tips will be useful for you from now on while using your iPhone.

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